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Following the success of the “It’s healthy” campaign, Dobry put forward the objective of strengthening the health-focused positioning of the 100% natural juice line.

The goal of the campaign was to build on the results of the previous campaign and deepen the awareness of product benefits among the target audience.

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The strategy of the campaign was to reinforce the “it’s healthy” positioning by substantiating it with concrete facts about the health and well-being benefits of each juice in the 100% natural line and explaining to consumers why exactly the juices are good for their families.

Since the campaign was to launch in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategy was coupled with situation marketing tactics. Namely, the new consumption occasion created by the pandemic - family recreation at home -was used as the key setting for the campaign.


With pandemic restrictions in place, families “stuck” at home were constantly coming up with new ways of organizing their recreation and having fun together. The campaign concept was inspired by one such activity - the “Who am I” guessing game, where players use yes or no questions to guess the identity of the famous person (in this case, the celebrities are the Dobry juices) written on their forehead.

The format of the game allowed for a detailed description of the ingredients and benefits of each of the juices.


The campaign was comprised of 4 minimalistic videos all taking place within the same framework - a family of four sitting around the table and playing the “Who am I” game. In line with the digital-focused media strategy, the videos were specifically made short enough to play as Youtube pre-rolls.

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Total Reach

: 270 K


: 525 K


: 60 K

The campaign achieved its goal of strengthening the Dobry brand’s position as the first choice for health-conscious consumers by substantiating the “it’s healthy” claim with real facts about the product.

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