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It’s Healthy


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Part of the Coca-Cola HBCA, Dobry is a household name in Armenia and one of the leaders of the local non-alcoholic drinks market. Recently, in response to the growing trend of consumer health consciousness, the brand introduced a line of 100% natural juices with no added sugar.

The goal of the campaign was to strengthen the awareness about the benefits of the new line and position the brand as the top choice for consumers that prioritize healthiness above all else.

It’s Healthy


Informed by the data that the key consumer segment of the new line (people who base their purchase decisions on the quality of ingredients, health benefits, nutritional value, etc.) are families with small children, the strategy of the campaign was to specifically target parents and show the product as an integral part of everyday family life.


It’s healthy.

The campaign slogan unites all the product benefits into a short, memorable phrase. So how do we make it stick in consumers’ minds? There is an age when children are extremely impressionable and like to repeat whatever they hear, sometimes for days - all parents have been a “victim” of this endless repetition. So, we used this insight as a way of repeating the slogan throughout the video in an organic and endearing way.


Based on the media habits of the target audience, the video campaign was run on social media and television. The video was executed in a way to reflect both the consumption occasions of the different juices in the new line (e.g. apple-citrus for breakfast) and COVID-related realities (e.g. doing a video call in pajamas).

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Total Reach

: 330 K


: 850 K


: 70 K

Due to its effectiveness in raising awareness and enhancing brand value, the video has become one of the longest-running ad campaigns of the brand.

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