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TV-Series @ Workplace

If you’re reading this article, it means that I wasn’t fired from my job and you’ll not be either

Am I serious? Yes!

Is it even acceptable? No.

Is it useful? Yes, for sure…

If you’re reading this article, it means that I wasn’t fired from my job and you’ll not be either

, if you understand how beneficial watching TV-series at the workplace can be.

So, before moving forward to the advantages, I strongly encourage you to open a new tab, type the title and play the first episode of the show for which you don’t have time during and after your work. However, if you want to, I can give you a tip on how to work and watch TV series without having bad consequences. Let’s get started!

In the beginning, of course, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and it’ll seem like you are passing through the lasers delicately in order not to be noticed and detected. Moreover, you’ll not be able to read this article and realize what’s going on on the TV — show at the same time unless you’re one of those people calling themselves Napoleon.

That’s it, concentrate! First and the most significant advantage of combining TV-series during work time is simply the combination. Sounds weird? The process of doing two or more different actions at the same time is also called multi-tasking. It happens unconsciously, that’s why you don’t usually know about it. Look, you’re writing something, for example, a text for some task. While you are typing, you think about the document, aren’t you? Plus, you listen to something really different from what you are doing. Plus, you watch what’s going on in the corner of your screen. As a result, you combine different things at the same time. And this skill is very helpful in the case of group projects, busy schedules, or deadlines.

Secondly, TV-series allow you to generate more and more new ideas. Again weird? Agree! But this is very similar to the mechanism of brainstorming. I mean, ideas chaotically come and go. There is no assessment of ideas in the brainstorming: people can speak out their thoughts freely without fear of criticism. Even bizarre/strange ideas are accepted with open hands. In fact, the crazier the views, the better. And can you, the reader, tell me what can be more diverse than TV-series genres? The more you watch, the more ideas you get…

I can remember lots of cases when some scenes from specific episodes gave me an idea, or actors said phrase after which thаt giant light bulb lighted up in my head…

And last but not least is the language. If you are not a native speaker but want to become one, TV-series are the best solution. Watch in original, listen to natural voices, use subtitles if you’re not at an advanced level. With time you’ll realize that there is no need for subtitles. Moreover, if you have projects in a foreign language, congratulations, you hit the jackpot! Because watching something in a particular language will give you diverse vocabulary, a more — organized structure and, why not, new ideas…

Finished? Not yet. After forcing you to fall in love with channels like Netflix, HBO, or Amazon, I also have to provide you with “flowers and candies” in order to reach their hearts. Actually, there are different ways you can “split” your screen between your so-called desktop and the mini personal cinema.

The classic method of this is just combining two different windows (attention, not tabs but windows) and give the minor proportion to your TV — series window because work still stays in the first place. But, today’s extensions and tools show the “TV-show screen” in more comfortable delivery. There are some websites which allow having that screen placed on each point you want. Also, for those who are still afraid of being caught, Netflix has a “Netflix Hangouts” extension, which camouflages your TV-series in a conference call, and makes it look like you’re on a video conference call with other people.

Overall, it’s only up to you whether you’ll choose to just work or work and have fun. But choose the one with fun…

Next episode in 5, 4, …


If you’re lost in the crossroad of TV-series, here is my top list:

  •   Lucifer
  •   Love, Death & Robots
  •   Elite
  •   The Boys
  •   Euphoria

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